Scarlett...Front Singer
Hi All!  I'm Scarlett (aka Loretta, Lori, Lily & Mom), and this is my bio...

Let me Start by saying I LOVE MUSIC - ALL KINDS OF MUSIC! I have listened to music and loved it my whole life! I studied classical and musical theater in school , but I like rock, country, old school hip-hop, Motown, jazz standards, and I even watch American Idol (eewwww!), but I grew up going to band practices and falling asleep in front of active guitar amps, so I wound up being a BIT of a rocker. Of course, I strive for versatility and soulfulness, but I guess rock is just at my core. I spent years listening to, and singing along with Pat Benatar, Heart, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Tina Turner just trying to rock out like they did and still do!

Now, I have to tell you that I didn't get into my first band until I was...shall we say...29? By then I already had 2 kids! The poor things (really, just ask them) had no choice but to come along for the wild ride. Actually my family and friends are the ones who make everything I get to do possible. I am blessed to be surrounded by these fabulous, loving people, and I am thankful every day!

Because of these people, I have been able to make up for lost time while still keeping SOME twisted sense of ... least that's what I'm calling it.

 Once I got to sing and front a band (Haight Street), I was instantly addicted! Aaaah--the adrenaline rush, the lights, the music, the crowd...(okay, not always a crowd exactly, but we kept trying)! Then when I went to see Cathy Richardson for the first time I was inspired enough to learn how to play some guitar. That girl Rocks! Since then I've had the opportunity to work with a number of bands and lots of great musicians in venues ranging from Riley's Rock House to Walter Payton's Roundhouse to the Baltimore Lyric Opera House! I have worked with Guitar Street Orchestra (backing up Elvis & other impersonators and Alice Peacock), Tighty Whitey & the Nighty (enough said), the JuJu Minstrels (now known as Luv Shak), and the Warbrides (Originals - now known as Drama Junkies). Right now, between Scarlett Fever, my jazz standards act as "Lily Diamond", and Dennis Stella & the Blue Suede Shoes I stay very busy doing what I really love to do. I definitely feel like I'm living a dream and it just gets better all the time!

Well that's about it - thanks for checking out my ramblings. Goodbye for now, but keep a smile and I'll see you at the show!


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