Dan...Drums and Lead Vocals


Dan DeWitt adds new dimension to "Scarlett's Fire" with a style all his own and great vocals.

Dan was born on November 23rd.  He now resides with his wife Denise in Downers Grove, Illinois. They have one son, Alex who is attending college at this time.

Dan's day job is with Compass Consolidators where he has worked since 2006 making intermodal and over-the-road transportation arrangements. He attended Lyons Township HIgh School and the College of Dupage.

His favorite things to do are playing drums and making music. After music, his Interests include, in his words, "the pursuit of happiness, man's search for meaning, and motorcycles".

He enjoys listening to music by "The Rolling Stones", "The Beatles", "Freddie King", "Magic Sam", "Otis Rush", "Muddy Waters", "Jimi Hendrix", "Buddy Guy", "Elvis Presley", "The J. Geils Band", "Peter Wolf", and "Jerry Lee Lewis".

His other interests include reading good books and watching good movies. Some of his favorite books are "The Bridge of San Luis Rey", "On the Road", "The Autobiography of Malcolm X", "Zen", "The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", "Robinson Crusoe",  "Hamlet" and "Don Quixote". Some of his favorite movies are "The Big Lebowski", "The Godfather", "The Godfather II", "The Shining" and "Pulp Fiction".

Dan has played in many bands in the past and currently plays in a couple of bands in the Chicagoland area besides "Scarlett Fever", now renamed "Scarlett's Fire". He began playing drums with "Scarlett Fever" in 2010. Scarlett aka Loretta met Dan while singing in another band called "Dearly Departed" aka "Ju Ju Minstrels", now called "Luv Shack". At that time "Scarlett Fever" needed a replacement drummer. Dan fit right into "Scarlett Fever". which is now "Scarlett's Fire"..

Dan added a whole new dimension to "Scarlett Fever" aka "Scarlett's Fire", with his great lead vocals and interesting song list. Dan has got the beat that adds the heat.


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